Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Position Music - Knights of Palmyra

Position Music is an independent music production company that, much like the others produce music for trailers, TV shows, films and games. But what surprised me was not the repertoire of trailer music but that they support and cater for up-and-coming artists and bands. I was expecting them to focus more on orchestral/choir music but the other genres that they do are just as good.

Although some aren't the best, but the others make up for the rest.

After delving more into their website I saw that they catered for some big-name entertainment brands. Hell, they even produced music for AC: Revelations, CoD: MW3 and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. When I saw those games, I CAME, to a conclusion that I'm gonna have fun listening to their music.


  1. Not gonna lie ..that was awesome

  2. If I ever need some good theme music to play when I enter a room, I will know where to go.

  3. no small feat, and you won't find it on google at all but I somehow tracked it down for you, because I knew it'd be very hard to find

    if part of it doesn't work just search artist wanderer on audiostreet and it'll redirect you there

    1. wish I could edit posts... anyway, you're probably thinking how I found him, I was in chelyabinsk and he was playing, place is about a day away from his "home town" I guess according to audiostreet

    2. Bloody nice work mate! I totally gave up finding this piece after a Google wouldn't give me any results.

      But yeah, right from the beginning, I knew it was going to be a good one - epic guitar playing too I must say.

      Enjoy the rest of you day/evening for I'm off to sleep now, finally! lol

  4. I came... to the same conclusion.


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