Friday, 17 February 2012

Immediate Music - Serenata Immortale

Haven't had one from Immediate Music in a while so why not aye?

The first time I heard this one was like I was standing on the edge of a high cliff. Watching at the sea in front of me, watching the waves splashing on the rocks and I got the fantastic feeling of accomplishment. The feeling that the world is mine, that this is the first day of the rest of my life...

But who wants to hear me rambling on how I feel about this music, you came here to listen.

"judgment day shall come upon us. We look side to side, joining hands with loved ones waiting for it to end. but at the crack of doom, a savior shall rise from the ashes of destruction and save our world from chaos and death. He sacrifices himself for the sake of earth and all her inhabitants, No one knew his name, nor knew what he looked like, but all humans knew what he did to save us all"
My teacher was playing this music while my class was writing poems for an assignment. i got a 100% A+
                                               -10Altiar01 [YouTube user | Posted on 3rd Feb '12]


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