Monday, 20 February 2012

Audiomachine - Life or Death

I'm particularly fond of compositions like this that bring out that fast paced nature that you feel similar to when playing multiplayer games. There's that sense of "knowing what to expect" but you don't really feel that until it happens to you. I hope that makes sense though.


  1. This would make some pretty good Call of Duty music. I might have to pump this in the background next time I play.

  2. Added this to my favorites.

  3. Wow that song gets me pumped up, lmfao at your last post on my page, and thanks for the blog placing rank. Looking forward to reading more
    -college speed

  4. sounds more like a battlefield song
    anyway it's fast paced and I like it

  5. So few people appreciate these genres, but I love them. Thanks for the good finds, bud. Following for more.


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