Monday, 20 February 2012

Future World Music - New Beginnings

I love it when the title makes you think of what the music may entail, then it pleasantly surprises you once you get to listen to it. This is just one of those compositions that makes me feel happy, just that happy. If I try to give it a better sounding word then the whole thing will just sound cheesy.

Sometimes, we all need something to stimulate our minds or get us thinking. For me, it's songs like these. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to become something greater than the president, just so I could be sure that the world's leaders aren't as corrupted as they are now. Of course that'll never happen, but at least I have dreams!
                                      - theshadowofanoutcast 

I wanted to be a Power Ranger when I was little... But ever since they kept on milking the series I was like, screw this shit.
2012 is here! put your petty differences aside and rejoice! let us savour every moment we get and let no one get in your way! Sieze every good oppotunity you get! Its a fresh start, so make the most of it!
(no im not saying this cause u lot may think its going to all end on the 21st december, i want everyone to get the most in life)
                                       - ultimiteknight

I'm sure that this music will help us get there.


  1. seems more like those beginnings are built on the ashes of the old, a last resort scenario in which after all is lost have no choice but to start anew


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