Thursday, 23 February 2012

Immediate Music - Believe (with rant?)

When I was out jogging around late afternoon/early evening the sun was at the right temperature and the birds were loud as always. I was in the middle and not a car was on the road, I felt I owned the world. Then I realised something...

Back in my day (late 90s), kids would've packed the streets with their friends playing ball, jump ropes, tag and general talking. Nowadays I either see them infront of screens, smartphones and reality shows. Stooped in a world where people are none the wiser since virtual reality allows them anonymity to enact their deepest of feelings. 

Some don't know how to interact with the opposite sex. As a 17 year old, it's all about "fitting in", the individual itself has been scrapped where everyone is a carbon copy of someone somehow.

As the Japanese say, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down".

What I'm saying is, people need to find true themselves and stop hiding behind a facade. The younger generations take cue from us and will construe our actions as the "right thing"

Now, I don't want to get you guys complaining about this like I'm doing now but what I want to leave you with today is this. "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." I live my life as an individual even though my parents dislike of it. I can be conniving, deceitful and be a downright arsehole. But I can also be loyal, open and a friend - if I choose to be. That being said, nobody's perfect so why be perfect when you be yourself?

I am proud to be an individual and hope that you should be too.

TL:DR Click on the video and read while listening.



  1. not so epic... :) sounds like somehting from lion king

    1. The definition of the word "epic" vary from person to person I guess. Still noteworthy though IMO. :)

  2. Haha I loved reading this post while listening to that music!

  3. Back in the 90s I spent too much time playing Sega and Nintendo; now I spend most of my free time hiking and going far from people.

  4. a little too aboriginal for me
    omg you're posting from the future of feb 23 how is this possible!!!
    do you live in russia?

    1. I guess you just come here for the music huh? Lol.

      I live in Australia and since we're pretty close to the international date line yes you could say that we can time travel.

      The only country that can time travel (supposedly) so far is Samoa. :)

  5. If we weren't able to be ourselves, we'd all just be the same nobody.

    I liked the music as well.

  6. I am proud to be an individual and hope that you should be too.
    well said
    nice video


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