Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jeremy Soule - Skyrim OST - One They Fear

This is for the Elder Scrolls fans who managed to keep going with the game more than me.

To be honest I've never played Skyrim before, well I have but not to the extent that I like it. I'm not interested in playing that game again. My little brother plays it but from looking at the gameplay, it seems a bit too, eh, tedious. Sure the dungeons and killing monsters are something to worry about but like I said, there's too much micromanagement going on for me to actually comprehend the game itself.
You can't even use the mouse when you use the menus which is a downer for me, computer mice and me are like peas in a pod :3. The inventory gets me as well, so many items yet I never knew what to do with them all. So I just left the game at that.

Let's face it, I only played the game to hear the old man say the "arrow line" which spawned an internet annoyance for a couple of months. Oh and not to mention the "fus-ro-dah". Now I can be grateful that both died, I hope.

Just my opinion, to the fans that may not take my opinion lightly then get in line. I got some geeky friends that hated my guts after saying the game sucked.

As always, keep enjoying the music!


  1. I also don't like Skyrim that much, but the music is epic!

  2. Epic music and epic game, what we want more?

  3. I haven't played it either, but I'd like to.

  4. I haven't played much Skyrim yet, but I love the music.
    Following your blog!
    -Ryan (

  5. I recognise the music! Played Skyrim, liked it for awhile, then got bored.

  6. you're seriously missing out on a lot...
    jeremy soule does a lot of awesome game music
    surprised not to see any halo yet but I suppose most of it isn't that "epic"
    have you seen the malukah dragonborn comes cover?
    ghost love score by nightwish is always a real classic
    malice mizer is a VK band from japan with some awesome stuff
    mastodon blood and thunder
    deadsy tom sawyer cover
    pressure 4-5 melt me down and beat the world (band was epic for the short time they were around)
    anything rammstein, oomph (augen auf in particular), ten masked men, a couple dethklok songs,
    blind gaurdian bard song
    through the fire and the flames by dragonforce who's lead singer looks exactly like michael shannon btw
    escalation (breaking in particular)
    death from above by machinae supremacy
    I really could go on for quite some time..
    if you really want a full list, let me know with a way to mail you or something and I'll make a huge list of awesomeness

    1. You sir are seriously a scholar and a gentleman. I've heard of some of these guys before and it was mostly by accident.

  7. I forgot to specify that you're missing out on skyrim
    it's an awesome game once you're into it
    it's quicker and easier to get into if you play other bethesda games like morrowind, oblivion, fallout 3, etc
    but that's not to say it's any harder really to get into by not having played them...


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