Saturday, 25 February 2012

Position Music - Ira Deorum

I posted one before this a few minutes ago but here's another one from James Dooley.

Ira Deorum means wrath of the gods in latin so like the vast majority of inhabitants of the ancient world, the ancient Romans practiced pagan rituals. Believing it important to achieve a state of pax deorum (peace of the gods) instead of ira deorum (wrath of the gods): earthquakes, floods, famine, etc.

Apparently Ira Deorum is a guild in WoW as well, who knew?


  1. Whoa....that does sound like the wrath of the gods. It would be a good soundtrack for a really intense horror movie. Like maybe one of the Omen movies.

  2. if beowulf was a mystery novel
    this would be the soundtrack to the movie

  3. Perfect for killing vikings or making epic sandwhiches. Thanks for following and the comment.

  4. Dude, nice. I have said this before, but damn that's an awesome idea for a blog, I love this type of music!


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