Saturday, 10 March 2012

615 Music - War Zone

Here's some epic pseudo-electronic music to light your senses up, to be honest I've been holding this piece for a while and I needed a reason to post it. I guess now would be a good one.

Still doing some final things before I add some more stuff, life has not been kind to me these past few days so my time is limited to getting stuff done and dusted.

Cheers guys!


  1. pretty cool song, have no idea which game it is from though

  2. Liking the guitar on it, kind of reminds me of a john carpenter soundtrack from his ghosts on mars film.

  3. Lol the picture of that video is from Crysis 2

  4. reminds me of the halo 2 song by breaking benjamin, blow me away
    don't know why...


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