Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Adding a few things, might take a while...

If you didn't notice already I just changed the title from Epic 'Theatrical' Music to Epic 'Trailer' Music. The word "Theatrical" didn't seem right for the genre as these compositions are mainly used for trailers - hence trailer was used.

In addition to this, I'm going to add and rearrange pages for the different music companies and their albums for easy searching. Although I could always put a search bar but where's the fun in that? :D

I'm still thinking of adding a few more things but I don't know about them yet.

On an unrelated note I now present you a GIF with Putin making a balloon elephant in commemoration of his presidential win!

Thanks for reading this well thought out post!


  1. Lol, Putin, you never get old...

  2. Hilarious. Oh, Putin, not your post.

  3. Replies
    1. Putin proves that you can still be a badass while making a balloon animal. True story.

  4. Love that gif lol great blog following :)

  5. How much did he win by this time? 150%?

  6. Well :D i see why people votes for Putin now :D


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