Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Artist's Bio - Skanda Music

Alright, new production company today. they go by the name of Skanda Music. Two guys by the name of David Lessener and William Richter, both accomplished musicians compose for the company.

Now Skanda is a name of a popular Hindu deity especially among Tamil Hindus, worshipped primarily in areas with Tamil influences. The Hindu influences don't end there though, a lot of the titles for their compositions are taken from names of more dieties. There are English titles though so don't you worry your pretty little head :)

Wouldn't want to mess with this guy...
What's so special about this group?

Well, a lot of their music reflect the attributes of the gods named after them you can expect a variety of solemn to estatic to the downright intense - sometimes all in the same song.

Skanda is also a name of a piece that they composed and reflects the "brave warrior" title that the god is bestowed. It's heavy and rife with feeling, something like you'd expect after a battle scene. Another one is called Airavata and is named after a mythological white elephant who carries the Hindu god Indra. He has three names, one is 'Ardha-Matanga', meaning "elephant of the clouds"; 'Naga-malla', meaning "the fighting elephant"; and 'Arkasodara', meaning "brother of the sun".

Combine the three and you can expect a smooth but firm melody with a hint of calm at the end.

All in all?

They got some good music to listen to, why not check them out? Whatever the kind of music, it will never fail to surprise, no matter how good or bad.



  1. I saw the pic before I saw the title and thought it was a new dengu fever album
    look up their song sni bong, now quite epic but tasteful


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