Monday, 26 March 2012

Brand X Music - Kill Streak

I recommend this piece if you were in need of an opening, ending and/or action scene. Although after listening to it a couple more times the feeling appears to have died out, but hey, that's just me! If you've heard this for the first time then you'd probably think of the most epic close-range combat that you could dream of, I'm not kidding - Assassin's Creed perhaps?

Then again you could always carry on with your day doing whatever you like.

Cheers guys and stay classy.


  1. Stay classy. Also that chick looks pretty cool.

  2. Yeah, she looks like a character from Final Fantasy series.

  3. I do wish i had some soundtrack like this playing as i go about my day. Making a cupper in the morning.
    Would not mind the beautiful woman being there too.

  4. I swear I've heard this somewhere before.....
    please tell me you have a listing of places this has been used
    so familiar
    and I can't think of where
    I'm seriously pulling hair

    1. The only source I can find is of a World of Warcraft movie called "Moonfury". I don't even think it's a movie and I've only seen fan made trailers of it. Maybe you'd have better luck finding it out?


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