Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Review: Immortality

A centaur shot by three arrows. This is how Fired Earth Music’s latest album, entitled Immortality, was illustrated.

Solely composed by Ryan Amon, founder and composer of City of the Fallen (which just licensed a cue for an Avengers trailer!), Immortality is built around the theme of Ancient Greece, and its legendary heroes, gods, monsters, and epic battles. It is no wonder why Immortality is described as “an album of rich, epic, yet spacious orchestral cues that provide the perfect canvas to showcase dramatic theatrical impact.”

Yes, “theatrical” is the word!

Especially considering the fact that the theatre was born in Greece, and later gave its name to the buildings where movies are shown today.

With a style typical of Ryan Amon’s compositions –  epic, featuring ethnic influences, combined to classical orchestra –  Immortality succeeds in conveying the epic atmosphere of Ancient Greece through music, and brings a new and refreshing style to the Fired Earth Music library.

You can explore and license the cues on the West One Music site, which distributes Fired Earth Music.


  1. Replies
    1. My apologies mate, I'm slowly but surely adapting my website to the current trends. Expect some new things to come in April, that is if don't do an April Fools joke first :)

    2. You can always click on the youtube video for the new Avengers movie trailer.


  2. Breathtaking one. I'm really looking forward to premiere of The Avengers, so it's a big plus.

  3. That album's incredibly epic. I cleaned my apartment and listened to it today.

  4. This soundtrack should play in the bakcground of that new Disney movie John Carter

  5. Heh, now that you pointed out, it is quite weird to call it immortality and combine it with someone getting shot...


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