Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D - Dominion - Position Music

JUST finished watching "The Walking Dead" season 1 on DVD today (finally). I have read the comics from issue 1 to 90 at my local library and it is better than any comic that I've read, EVER. Well considering that it was the first and only comic that I've read ever. But yeah, the story seems to lean on more to the human aspect of the whole apocalypse which is probably what got me hooked in the first place.

If you've noticed, it's kinda disheartening to look at the characters in the comic and see them try to keep their humanity, let alone their sanity. That I guess makes you connect to them more than you would for any character, you would also hate for them to not die really because you've seen them go through many trials just to die needlessly. Goddammit Dale... *sniff*

I feel that this piece can relate to what the survivors are going through in the comic as they are now truly in the dominion of the dead. Don't mind the chick, she's just there for artistic value :3


  1. that comic is fucking amazing i have to agree

  2. I like dem voices!!

    1. Really adds to the tension don't they?

  3. Cool!!/MemeDoctor

  4. I've never read the comics before because I haven't had the chance. I did watch the show and its pretty awesome! Also, I never knew you could go to a local library and read comics o.0 .

  5. The walking dead was a good comic (is it still going?). I read two of them when i was trying to draw for comics a while ago. The idea was to continue this story year after year,see where it leads. The tv show i stopped watching when Darabount got fired, worst choice in the world on behalf of AMC who went and got rid of their meal ticket. They should have done a couple of movies instead .


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