Thursday, 5 April 2012

E - Exercise and women (true story)

I saw a post made by Luigi Man in his weight loss blog about how women look at fit men's bums and it reminded me of something related happened to me when I was in my senior of high school.

There's a story in here somewhere so leave now if you can't be bothered, I won't hate you. ;P

Our school was having a sports week in the middle of July and since it was the senior year a lot of the guys and gals decided to go at it - hard. Monday to Thursday had major events which the Juniors and Seniors dominated, we were winning buy a hairline (kinda true). So Friday finally came and minor events only, all involved quite a lot of movement so I (along with my soccer teammates) wore clothes that were KINDA skimpy - all for good reason. I was alpha outside but beta at heart.

Taunts, wolf-whistles and laughs from all sides but we helped gain the majority of the scores. After the kickball event I retired to my classroom for a rest and food. Soon Nathaniel, his girlfriend Kayla and her friend Paulyn who're all my classmates came in for sanctuary from the heat. I used to flirt with Paulyn a lot so there was already a kind of connection in the room.

So here's what happened.

We were having a lively chat just the four of us and Paulyn asked questions more often than usual. It was odd because normally I kept my life then on lockdown and no one really knew I was sporty until that day. My normal clothes kinda covered that fact as well. After the banter I finished my food and rest so I was getting ready to head back out to compete. We all walked out and just before I was to turn opposite to them I got a slap on my right bum cheek which made me stand on my toes.

A squeal from Kayla and a lol from Nathaniel it was pretty obvious who the culprit was, with that I didn't know how to respond.

my face when it happened
With that I turned around and saw Paulyn with a face that screamed 'DTF', but she let go and left with the two not before giving me a wink. I was so oblivious to what happened that I never went further with her, ever. I was kinda beta back then so sue me.
this was her face, almost...
Take any lesson from here as you wish (if there is one) but this only supplements Luigi Man's post that even women look at men's behinds and the act is not only subject to one sex. Plus you have to be fit for it to work I guess.


  1. And that's why PUA stuff should be an obligatory read when you go to the high-school. Not that you should use their techniques - some of them are really retarted, but it's pretty eye-opening, you will notice a lot more possible signs.
    Great story, had a good laugh.

    1. Exactly right! I learned about PUA just at grade 11 and applied it in high school. Although I was touted as one of the most coolest guys in school I was pretty beta because I couldn't extend on the situation at hand.

      Confidence is a must in PUA otherwise all your hard work is shot to hell.

  2. haha I remember these days! I didn't understand why they would :) thanks for including me in the post bro!! Emma sexy as hell too ;) +5

    1. Hahaha, I felt so old typing that post but those were the days. I can admit that Emma's hot but to me she's just another winner in the "genetic lottery" as it were.

      You're welcome by the way, hope you retun the favour as well! :)

      By the way, what part didn't you understand? The part that women also look at our butts? These double standards man I tell you hahaha.

    2. no, the part where they grab our asses LOL! whats so special about them? ;p oh hey bro im going to link your story to mine! thanks!

  3. sometimes i have a feeling that they look at our butts even more than we look at their buuts

  4. A real man doesn't have a butt, he has an arse.

  5. Ha, you should have asked her out, you don't ask you don't get. Women are the same as men , in that they all have sex drives, it's normal. Least you got slapped , in highschool all the girls i knew were felons. I can do you that banner if you want, what but i dont have photoshop, so id just use That is the one i used. To be honest it is really easy to operate, what type of thing would you want?.

    1. Yeah I realised that a while after but we then grew apart so reconnecting was out of the question. If I remember a lot of the public schools in the UK were pretty intimidating. I was in an all boys public school in Surrey and it wasn't as bad as the ones that were coed.

      As for the banner, I think I'll just make one myself. I forgot that I used a banner maker website before and just found the address again, thanks anyway bud!


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