Friday, 6 April 2012

F - Fountain of Life - Two Steps From Hell

Hey guys, it's Good Friday now although I struggle to think what's so good about Jesus getting crucified on a cross.

I won't say much at all today I'm afraid for in the previous day I got invited to a Jehovah's Witness meeting about Easter. I got to meet lots of new people for different religions and got some insight into some. It was pretty profound to be quite honest and the speaker knew was he was talking about as he got everyone in the room questioning after wards.


This piece is pretty related to today and I couldn't think of a better title or feeling. But be warned, this piece is VERY slow to reach that certain "point" and you probably won't make it at all. It's just the general feel of the song itself I'm concerned with as it's very ambient and seems right for a solemn occasion such as today.

Like I said I won't say much as it was a pretty full on night yesterday and I just want to catch some Zzzs. My apologies guys!


  1. yea, I get the jehovah's witnesses at my door every couple of months

    1. They aren't so bad, I got friends in high school that are Witnesses and that's probably why I got invited. I could probably learn a shit tonne from these guys, from a spectator's stand point they look pretty happy.

      Not that I'm willing to convert of course.

  2. I was thinking of converting for the food. An ex housemate of mine went to all these huge christian dinners all the time, he would have me chewing the door frame in jealousy as he talked about it all, while i was sat with a bowl of noodles.
    Their , at uni at least, is this huge underground of food partys. Because they wish to keep people in the church, but their quite the snobs and can sniff a faker out fairly quickly. And saying ' i have questions about life' aint good enough. What a rip off...

    1. Hahaha lol, no but seriously, lol. Your ex housemate may have studied the bible for a bit just to get there or he was raised in a Christian household. If you want to go to those events then you've got to know some basic but fundamental bible stuff. Like who rules the Earth (not God or Jesus), is there a "hell", the prospect of death and others.

      You really don't need to learn much, just simple things can make you look credible enough for people and getting to the food :) But yeah, religious folk can be like that sometimes but not all. It's just that they're just there to mingle with friends and will try to ostracise anyone who's new and see what they're motives are. If you have friends in these religious groups then that's a plus!

      Just know that it's not all about talking about religion to these people, though that may come out when discussing with some it's not really an issue. Just see what you can do man, you don't have to do it though if you don't want. Just saying what you could do is all :)

  3. I think my favorite parts were at the beginning and the end actually. Didn't care for the middle too much.


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