Monday, 9 April 2012

H - Heart - Jesper Kyd

Hey it's Easter Monday! And what a glorious day it was, for me at least :) I apologise to the A-to-Z Challenge guys for not posting this at around 12AM, won't happen again - I hope.

So I've decided to make another (dare I say it) "blog", this time about becoming a "Renaissance Man". For those of you that don't know what a Renaissance Man is or what being one is about then you might want to read on as I'll try to explain in as much detail in as little time while still being on subject.

Read on, I know you're curious...

First off, I'm sure you've heard of the term "Alpha Male" right? Somewhere in like a wildlife documentary is probably a good start. Generally being an "Alpha" is being the 'leader of the pack' in a sense where most of the pack look up to you because you are more respectable and/or powerful than the rest. The term Alpha today is used in a more social construct.

You've seen them before, mostly they are in groups who share the same likes/dislikes, there is always the one that sort of leads the groups wherever they go. If you were a nerd/geek/general unlikeable in high school or college then they were the ones who picked on you the most followed by their entourage.


A Renaissance Man is still in essence an Alpha yet he is more able to do things instead of being just a 'leader of the pack' in a social construct. He can play sport, music, cook, make love, gentle, wise, knowledgeable, fit, financially independent or pretty much the man that we want to be at heart. Because let's face it, deep down we men want to be like that yet some of us don't really know how or do know but not where to begin.

I've read a fair amount about this subject and tried to emulate the qualities of both sides yet you can never be truly satisfied as life, experience and human psychology teaches us.

Take whatever information you can from this if you find it, besides I've always wanted to stop being so "preachy" here and focus more on the musical side that this blog as was first intended. Oh and if you realised, I didn't put "handsome" in the list there. ;)

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