Saturday, 14 April 2012

Artist's Bio - Les Friction

Les Friction is an independent music group led by Helmut Vonlichten, Nihl Finch and a singer named "Paint". They produce epic trailer/rock/ballad music in keeping with two of the group member's past in E.S. Posthumus.

The group sprung up more than a year after the death of one of the member's brother (Franz Vonlichten) of undisclosed circumstances in 2010. Helmut being an archaeology graduate from UCLA imported his use of grand and historical-like feel to the band's music. Whereas Nihl was also involved with E.S.P. in the music development is now part of the band. Paint is a mystery singer who provides the vocals to all of their music where it emphasises their music to a whole new level.

"Paint" was never part of E.S. Posthumus but rather a new addition to the already broken group.

What's so special about them?

They have managed to do what fans formerly thought they couldn't, create a more distinct sound even with the loss of one from their ranks. From what I can gather, with the experience taken from Cartographer, it is more of a refined version of the latter for Les Friction. Yet even without Franz's distinct rock melodies, the music pretty much speaks for itself - usually through "Paint".

All in all?

A lot of E.S. Posthumous' aura has obviously been carried over to Les Friction through Helmut and Nihl. Although the dynamic of their music is still theatrical and trailer-like, it is accentuated by "Paint's" vocals through a rock-ballad performance every time. This in turn, provides a more heavy and meaningful display of both music and lyrics.

Imagine, E.S. Posthumus crossed with Queen - yeah.


  1. So what movie trailer did this song appear in?

    1. Not one that I can think of really. They're really just a band as far as I know, I wish I could tell more. It's pretty epic though

  2. Listening to the LOTR soundtrack now :)

  3. It does sound like a movie soundtrack...chill :)

    1. Yeah man, they got more awesome songs in their self titled album - they're nearly as good as each other.


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