Monday, 14 May 2012

Thomas Bergensen - Remember Me

Yup, it really has been a while. 

How're you all going since this blog has been out of commission for a fair bit? Pretty good I hope, since I'm all fine and dandy. Happy Mother's Day by the way guise, belated if it's already Monday where you're from - but who's counting?

I got a special treat for you especially the mums out there.

Although I don't necessarily engage in the corporate meaning of Mother's Day, I do like to indulge on its more, personal side. The deep unconditional love (Agape) that is directed to us children is really something to behold yet we nearly have nothing to show for in return. As for me I despise (a little bit) my mother for making me lose a fair bit of my childhood, but she's my mother nonetheless! Nine months of lugging me around on her person and nothing to show for it.

Hope this piece makes up, though it's obvious it won't. Enjoy it anyway!


  1. Definitely has a lot of class, thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to see yoru back, mothers day was invented by greeting card companies just like the Santa, but i think it is a good one. Nice music, it's kind of olde timey in a way. Anything that promotes family i am always behind.

    1. Good on ya mate, I agree on the whole commercialisation of holidays now. Heck, I don't even celebrate "Christ"mas.


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