Thursday, 9 August 2012

Artist's Bio - Philter

There's those moments in time that you just can't help but relish, especially when you just "discovered" a promising musical artist from Norway named Magnus Gangstad Jørgensen. His alterego, a guy in a pink rabbit suit called Philter.

Now the word Philter is the name for a love potion or charm and is pretty prevalent in mythology and around the 1800s. Obviously they were fake and sold by quacks but the novelty never really ended even when real medicines became commonplace.

Whatever you say boss...
What's so special about this guy?

His music is (for the lack of a better word) organic. By organic I mean that his pieces are meant to be. As if they were already part of the universe from the very beginning, to be admired - nothing more nothing less.

Take his piece Haunting for example, it gives that childish feeling of being helpless but transitions towards a lovely calming melody. By that I mean its as if mum comes by to give you a hug and her voice sounding you off to sleep. It's all smooth sailing from there until a recorded message at the end brings you straight back into reality in the most honest way possible.

Another one is Pi. The name may not sound much but don't let looks deceive, you just never know. It still retains that childish feeling like Haunting except takes it a step higher, making you feel vulnerable the whole way through.

I don't know about you guys but I think love is pretty much in the music that he makes.

All in all?

I had a wonderful time listening to his pieces. Others might take a bit of warming up to as they don't want to leave their comfort zone of music, but who knows? Definitely one of the pleasant experiences  for me this year by far.



  1. It's nice though I'm undecided on the vocals.

  2. I find it strange that I knew the songs but not the artist. Thanks for pointing it out.

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